Laser 4 Wheel Alignment

We’re laser 4 wheel alignment experts. Using our laser 4 wheel alignment service, you can trust us to ensure that your wheels are adjusted to the manufacturer’s original specification with maximum accuracy.

What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment (sometimes referred to as ‘tracking’) is an important piece of maintenance that should be carried out regularly to ensure that your vehicle is performing at its best when it comes to handling, ride comfort and tyre life.

How can I tell if my wheels are out of alignment?

Everyday driving will cause your vehicle’s wheels to go out of alignment. Small amounts of misalignment are nothing to worry about. However, all of that bumping around adds up and your wheels will eventually be so far out of alignment that it can impact on your fuel economy and tyre wear.

You might not be able to tell if your wheels are out of alignment. However, you may notice your steering pulling to one side or uneven tyre wear.